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MainLine Management, Inc

David L. Hatzenbuhler
Dave's ability to grasp complex issues provides the foundation for his
effectiveness in helping others realize maximum efficiency. He is highly
proficient in reducing complex issues to solutions that are understandable
and can be effectively implemented, at the same time facilitating others in
discovering their own strengths and creative skills. Dave's
particular expertise in multi-party negotiations and his finely-honed inter-personal
skills helped Burlington Northern Railroad successfully move forward in increasingly complex
transportation issues. Dave's rail transportation experience totals over
twenty-two years, including nearly nineteen years in field operations. His
extensive railroad history spans a lifetime, from locomotive engineer to
AVP Corporate Development for BNRR. Dave's highly
effective management, leadership and rail operations skills were significant success
factors in his twelve years of field management positions and four years in
Executive Staff positions, which included AGM of Strategic Network Design,
Director of Corporate Competitiveness, and Superintendant of Terminal Operations,
Chicago, for BNRR. Dave graduated from the University of
New York with a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies with Major disciplines
in History and Political Science. Included in the continuing education he has
received are "Executive Finance" and "Marketing Strategies" at the
Transportation Center, Northwestern University; "Benchmarking" at
California Institute of Technology; "Executive Leadership" at the Center
for Creative Leadership; and "Crosby Quality College".

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Vice President
Eric J. Lyman
As Vice President of Transportation Services for MainLine Management, Inc.
in MLM's North Richland Hills, TX office, Mr Lyman provides a wide-range of knowledge,
expertise and experience in rail-related issues. Regarded by many within the
industry as possessing one of the finest analytical minds in the rail business,
Eric brings a multi-disciplined expertise to rail transportation and operations issues.
Mr. Lyman's background in multiple, cross-functional departments at two major
western railroads has given him a broad foundation for highly effective analyses
of various railroad functions: operations, marketing, finance and economics.
His experience has developed his ability to understand the needs of individual
departments and to utilize that information to create solutions that incorporate
the goals of the project while meeting the expectations of the various stakeholders.
His on-going success at achieving consensus among various stakeholders
is a testament to his personal and negotiating skills. He has successfully
employed these skills in relations with entities such as railroads, ports and
governmental agencies. Eric's career has included responsibilities in engineering
and design, track maintenance, field and terminal operations, operational and
financil analysis, and strategic planning. Most of his responsibilities prior to
leaving Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway in September, 1997, were
focused on Western and Pacific Northwest operations and planning, including
leading the analytical efforts which resulted in the reopening of the Stampede Pass.
He has held field operations supervisory positions in Seattle, Wa; Kettle
Falls, Wa; and Spokane,Wa. As a Director of Interline Operations and Strategic
Network Design for BNNR, Mr Lyman applied his expertise in analyzing the
operations of Union Pacific Railroad, Canadian National Railroad and
Canadian Pacific Railroad, resulting in a thorough understanding of not
only BNSF operational philosophy but of competing railroads as well.
Eric graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a
Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. His continuing education
has included "Negotiation Strategies" at Northwestern University,
"Leadership Development Program" at the Center for Creative Leadership,
and "Business Financial Management" at Burlington Northern RR's
Leadership Center. As well as working and being conversant with
various railroad analytical models, Eric has attended seminars on various
modeling tools, including ALK's Automated Blocking Model (LCM).

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Vice President
Robert G. Patton
Bob Patton joined MainLine Management, Inc. in 1999, after 25 years
at the Burlington Northern and Sanata Fe Railway Company where he was
Senior Project Manager, Capacity Planning in the Strategic Studies Department.
His responsibilities at BNSF, and prior to merger BNRR, were instrumental in
the planning and development of the multi-billion dollar capacity improvement
expenditures over the last fifteen years. Bob developed the planning methodology
and proof of concept for long range capacity planning designed to maximize
benefits from capital investments, operations planning, and the evaluation of
multiple strategic initiatives. His skill with computer model simulation analysis
of the railroad environment were key in support of BNRR's capacity expansion
of the Powder River Basin coal delivery routes and infrastructure to Midwest,
South and Southeast markets. Similiar analytical responsibilities on his part played
an integral role in expanded BNRR/BNSF rail capacity supporting midwest grain
movements between west coast ports and midwest/eastern markets;
transcontinental rail passenger services; and commuter rail planning in such
cities as Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis,
Dallas and others. Bob has consistently demonstrated superior knowledge of
rail capacity planning and analysis from concept through project completion,
including post-audit analysis of capacity improvements. With his background
in Engineering and Computer Programming, coupled with his thorough understanding
of rail operations, Bob has demonstrated an outstanding ability to coordinate
all aspects of a project's requirements, from development and presentation
of a concept and proof of concept, through project planning and justification.
His ability to facilitate projects involving highly complex rail capacity, infrastructure
and service issues, often involving multiple perspectives, provides an insight
and understanding invaluable in rail issues planning and analysis.
Bob's extensive career has involved experience with the entire North American
rail industry as a result ofmany years of traveling various rail systems and
participating in rail projects involving various railroads. His wide experience
provides an extensive array of contacts in construction companies,
governmentalagencies, ports, civic organizations, shippers and railroads.
Bob received a BS degree in Management and Computer Science from the
University of Minnesota. In addition, he received training and was certified
as an Electronics Technician by the Technical Vocational Institute in St. Paul,

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