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Welcome to MainLine Management Inc.
Associate Consultants

John W. Carnahan, Associate Consultant: Mr. Carnahan retired from BNSF in 2000 after 30 years of experience in field operations management, transportation management and strategic planning. Prior to retiring, Mr. Carnahan was BNSF's General Director of Commuter Operations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for five years. In that position he was responsible for the daily operation of nearly 1000 commuter trains hauling well over half-a-million passengers per day. Mr. Carnahan provides MLM with operations planning and analysis support with a particular focus on commuter operations planning and port/rail service capabilities and requirements.

David J. Mahle, Associate Consultant: provides the MLM team with over 30 years experience in field operations management, operations research, operations analysis and economic analysis. At the time of his retirement Mr. Mahle was Director of Line and Terminal Studies in BNSF's Strategic Studies Group. Mr. Mahle has been MLM's project manager for three commuter rail initiatives in Minnesota and provides MLM with operations planning and model simulation support.

John F. Beacom, Associate Consultant: Mr Beacom retired from BNSF in 1999 after 30 years of service. At the time of his retirement Mr. Beacom was General Director of Contracts and Joint Facilities for BNSF, leading the department responsible for developing, negotiating and administering all trackage rights, haulage, interline and joint facility agreements between BNSF and other railroads. Mr. Beacom has in-depth knowledge and experience in the economics and methodological process involved in developing interline contract and joint facility agreements. Mr. Beacom provides MLM with economic and cost analysis, contract/agreement analysis, agreement development, and negotiation support.

Resumes for MLM's Associate Consultants are available upon request

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