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Welcome to MainLine Management Inc.

About Us

David L. Hatzenbuhler, President of MLM,
normally assumes the position of overall project manager for the MLM team.
With over twenty years experience in operations, operations management,
tactical and strategic planning, and operations and competitive analysis
(over fifteen years of which was in operations and executive positions for
BNSF with a singular focus on the Midwest and Pacific Northwest),
Mr. Hatzenbuhler possesses a background of knowledge and experience
that is difficult to find in the consulting business. Having been responsible
for tactical and strategic activities for BNSF, he possesses an extraordinary
insight and understanding of what drives the decision-making
process within major railroads. Mr. Hatzenbuhler has been certified as an
expert in North American Rail Operations by the Canadian Transportation Agency.

Mr. Lyman, Vice President,
is widely regarded in the rail industry as having
one of the finest operations analysis minds today. Combining
significant experience in field operations management with
many years of operations and capacity analysis responsibilities,
he brings an expertise to rail operations and analysis that balances
technical expertise with a fundamental understanding of operations.
Mr. Lyman, while at BNSF, had the primary responsibility for the
analytical efforts which led to the reopening of the Stampede Pass.
In addition, he managed the internal BNSF study which reviewed
the original line capacity analysis study for implementation of
commuter rail in the Puget Sound rail corridor and identified the major
flaws which caused that study to be rejected by BNSF. With an
in-depth familiarity with the strengths and weaknesses of various
capacity models, he is uniquely qualified to assess analytical inputs
and analysis results.

Mr. Patton, Vice President Capacity Analysis,
brings over 25 years experience in rail capacity planning and analysis,
operations planning and analysis, and model programming and
simulation to MLM's team. Prior to joining MLM on March 16, 1999,
Mr. Patton was Senior Project Manager Capacity Planning for BNSF.
Highly regarded within the rail transportation community as one of the
finest capacity planning and analysis individuals available anywhere,
Mr. Patton's knowledge and experience provides a tremendous
complement to MLM's service offerings.

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